NOVEL Collections Unavailable today!

Teh Mariott Library at the University of Utah will be taking down the main CONTENTdm server at Noon today (Tuesday, August 17th) to install the latest version of the software, which will fix some serious bugs in the program. Downtime should be for no longer than 24 hours. All NOVEL digital collections will be unavailable during this time.

If you have questions contact:

Nancy Lombardo
NOVEL Project Director
Information Technology Librarian
Eccles Health Sciences Library
University of Utah
10 N 1900 E
SLC, UT 84112-5890
(801) 581-5241

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NANOS 2010 Materials Posted to NOVEL

At the NANOS 2010 meeting in Tucson, NOVEL was presented in three separate venues.

1) An overview of progress on the project during the last year was presented to the NANOS Executive Board on Saturday, March 6.

2) An Optional Symposium was offered on March 8.

This session provided an update to NOVEL: the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library. Many enhancements have been made to the digital library, and new collections have been added. Specific collections, such as those of Shirley H. Wray, Robert B. Daroff, and Helmut Wilhem were highlighted. Following the NOVEL update, free web-based online tools which can make member’s lives easier were presented. The tools covered included the Doodle Poll and Scheduler, a free online tool that makes organizing meetings and getting feedback a snap. Other tools from the Google suite were demonstrated, including Google Scholar, Desktop, Docs, Calendar and using Picasa and YouTube to share video clips.

3) A Poster was presented on Tuesday, March 9 at the general poster session.

All the NOVEL related materials presented at the NANOS 2010 meeting are now available on the NOVEL Web site. You can find the PPT presentations, the poster and all handouts at:

All the materials can be downloaded from the Web page.

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Kuwait Neuro-ophthalmology Symposium linked from NOVEL

The Kuwait Neuro-ophthalmology Symposium can be found linked in the Related Resources page:

You can now watch or listen to the talks of Kuwait Neuro-ophthalmology Symposium which was held in Kuwait City with the participation of Peter Savino, Pam Chavis, Jason Barton, Andrew Lee and Michael Siatkowski. The symposium was held from 9-11, 2010. You can by visit the site at for more info or at this direct link for the audio/video files by clicking the link above. All the files are free for viewing of download.

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Another Database Upgrade – Will Disrupt Access to NOVEL

Due to a CONTENTdm server upgrade, the Digital Collections will be unavailable Thursday, March 25th – Friday, March 26th. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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NOVEL Down Time

NOVEL will be down while the server is being upgraded!

The J.Willard Marriott Library’s CONTENTdm server is scheduled for a server upgrade over the Presidents’ Day Holiday weekend due to which the University of Utah’s digital collections will experience some downtime.
START TIME: 6:00pm Saturday, 13 February 2010
END TIME: 12:00 pm Sunday, 14 February 2010
We apologize for any inconvenience.

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NOVEL Highlights:

New URL! You can now find NOVEL at the new, shortened URL, Please bookmark that!

New Collection: Robert B. Daroff, MD, Professor of Neurology at the School of Medicine at CASE Western Reserve University has generously contributed his collection of instructional video on eye movements. These are digitized from an earlier set of VHS tapes. Each tape is available in its complete form, and is also divided into smaller clips representing distinct topics for a total of 55 video clips. Each clip is available for viewing by streaming video or for download. The clips are available for educational, not for profit use. Credit should be given to Dr. Daroff and NOVEL when used with students or other non-profit educational settings. Minor adjustments are still being made to the collection, but it is ready for use now.

Near Completion: Shirley H. Wray, MD, PhD, is nearing completion of her remarkable video collection. As Professor of Neurology at Harvard Medical School, and former Director of Neurovisual Disorders at Massachusetts General Hospital, Dr. Wray has collected an incredible array of more than 160 patient case videos. As the collection nears its complete state, each case will have a thorough care report included int he description, as well as PowerPoint lectures attached covering individual cases, diseases and diagnoses. These collective materials provide a rich educational resource. The materials are available for educational, not for profit use. Credit should be given to Dr. Wray and NOVEL when used with students or other non-profit educational settings. Minor adjustments are still being made to the collection, but it is ready for use now.

Database Upgrade: The NOVEL database, CONTENTdm, which hosts the descriptive records linking to the educational resources was recently upgraded. Some minor changes in display are evidence of the upgrade. Otherwise, the records and links should continue to perform as they always have. Please report any oddities.

As always, please use our Comment button or Feedback link in the left side panel to send us your comments and suggestions. If you wish to receive monthly news updates, please register on the NOVEL Web site. Click on the Make A Comment button on the home page, send comment and check the Register box. Or, just send us your comments without registering. You can also read this in the “About NOVEL” area of the Web site.

Nancy Lombardo
NOVEL Project Director…

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NOVEL Collections Unavailable Aug 10-13, 2009 – Database Server Being Moved!

NOVEL Users,

Please be aware that the NOVEL collections will be unavailable for part or all of August 10 – 13. The CONTENTdm server which hosts the records for our collections is being physically moved to a new location. The IT staff will do their best to minimize the down time, but they are not able to eliminate it. Please be patient as this hardware shift takes place. We expect the collections to be available August 14.

Thanks for your patience,
Nancy Lombardo
NOVEL Project Director
Spencer S. Eccles Health Sciences Library
University of Utah

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NANOS 2009 Presentations Online!

We hope you all enjoyed the recent NANOS 2009 meeting in Incline Village, Lake Tahoe, NV. At the meeting, Nancy Lombardo, Project Manager, presented an update to the Board and discussed the progress made over the last year with the generous Pfizer Educational Grant.

On Monday, Nancy presented a NOVEL overview and update to the membership at an optional symposium. Ed Fitzgibbon presented on creating video for use in PowerPoint lectures. Following that, Nancy and Jeanne Le Ber, Education and Research Services Librarian at the University of Utah, presented on copyrights, current awareness tools, and citation management.

Tuesday evening, Kathleen Digre, MD and Larry Frohman, MD presented a poster on the NOVEL project and the recent progress under the Pfizer grant.

All of the presentation and handout materials are available on the NOVEL Web site at:

Please help yourself to the materials for your review.

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New NOVEL Web Address!

NOVEL has a new Web address, in addition to the existing URL. You can now find our site at the easy to remember address:

Try it!

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Interview with Eric Eggenberger by AAN

Eric Eggenberger was interviewed by the American Academy of Neurology about the NOVEL project. Eric did a great job describing the project, its content and its goals. Please take a minute to read the interview describing our project, which was published on December 30, 2008:

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