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Monthly Archives: September 2011

InfoFair 2011: InterProfessional Education

Nanci Murphy, Associate Dean of the School of Pharmacy at the University of Washington will speak on “InterProfessional Education and Collaboration: Lessons Learned and Future Directions.” Her talk will be followed by a Meet the Experts Panel discussion on the topic of interprofessional education.

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Low Cost Mobile Medicine

Oxford University along with a group of South African researchers have developed a kit to turn a low-cost mobile phone into a stethoscope that allows patients “to record and analyse their own heart sounds using a mobile phone microphone. Patients then send the recordings to medics who can remotely monitor their condition” (from the University […]

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Using Mobile Technology to Save Lives

Recent study compared response times to cardiac arrest emergencies between ambulances and trained lay responders linked to an alert system using mobile phone positioning, and found that the latter were faster 56% of the time.

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Health Literacy: plain language

In a recent post on the University of Michigan Health System News blog, researchers offer “10 ways to make better decisions about cancer care“: Insist on plain language. Focus on absolute risk. Visualize your risk. Consider risk as a frequency rather than as percentages. Focus on the additional risk. The order of information matters. Write […]

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MyRA Web Portal Project

My Research Assistant, or MyRA, is a portal-like website designed to connect researchers (especially translational scientists) to the resources needed to complete their research process.

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Eye Exams with an iPhone

A brief review of the iExaminer mobile medical software tool.

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STAT!Ref’s Anatomy TV: a great resource

As part of the Library’s subscription to STAT!Ref, patrons have access to, which is a “suite of 3D interactive models of human anatomy. Intuitive controls allow the user to zoom, rotate and peel away layers to educate and communicate with an ease and directness that was never possible with print. A wealth of supporting […]

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Is Social Media Important for Libraries?

The prevalence and use of social media is expanding with Facebook being the most popular such site. How should libraries respond to this? EHSL offers some thoughts on our experience in this area.

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Health Literacy and Public Health Campaigns

Public health campaigns need to de-stigmatize low or poor health literacy, as demonstrated in one study. But it is an uphill battle against prevailing assumptions that bad things happen to people because “they deserve it.”

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Another successful LIFT Forum

On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, Eccles Library presented its monthly LIFT Forum on “Hot Mobile Devices: Tablets and eReaders” yesterday. Amy Honisett, Peter Jones, Jeanne Le Ber and Nancy Lombardo provided brief overviews of the iPad, Xoom, Kindle and Nook. At the end of the presentation, these devices were available for attenders to try out. […]

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