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Health literacy: simple definition, thoughtful implementation

Found a concise definition of “health literacy,” and a thoughtful YouTube video as well.

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Didn’t need an app for that

Can’t find a good dashboard app? On librarian built one using existing Web 2.0 tools, and shared how it was done.

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Keeping Current with Social Media workshop on April 6th

Join us for a “Keeping Current with Social Media” workshop, Friday, 4/6/12

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New England Journal of Medicine’s mobile offerings

Discussion of mobile apps and podcasts from the New England Journal of Medicine.

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Using smartphones to boost healthy behavior against juvenile diabetes

Using a smartphone app to encourage blood glucose monitoring compliance in adolescents with diabetes that includes a points reward system redeemable in the iTunes store.

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Teaching medical students to use social media at John Hopkins U

Dr. Margaret “Meg” Chisolm is an advocate for use of Twitter in demystifying psychiatry, and connecting with patients. She is conducting a pilot study on using it in med school.

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Information and health literacies and the media

A favorable article from a newspaper’s website does not mean a new site for medical information is of sufficient quality to be relied upon.

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Promoting library services: the neverending challenge

Successful outreach and promotion of library resources and services involves forming partnerships with other departments and organizations, as well as using social media and the latest Web 2.0 tools to educate and inform new and underserved patron groups.

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Using Social Media to Enhance Your Research

Social media can be a powerful tool in research. We offer a few examples, and links to the thoughts of other bloggers.

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When health literacy needs information literacy

An online health quiz may seem well-researched and informative, but it is important to look deeper and try and determine why it is there, and what purpose it serves. This is how information literacy skills interact with health literacy.

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