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Spring 2012 Remodeling: construction complete, nearly ready for move-in

The plastic sheeting no longer hangs from the ceiling, and visitors can see clearly into the new offices on the second floor. Once HVAC adjustments and the final inspection are completed, library faculty can finally move into new offices! While we have referred to this as a recent remodeling project, it actually began in the […]

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Remodeling project: furniture in place

Office furniture is now in place, and the spring remodeling project is moving steadily towards completion.

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Remodeling progress

As we move through the spring semester, you can see construction & remodeling progress on the upper and lower levels in this slideshow, from beginning through now (early April).

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Spring remodel progresses: walls, ventilation and sheetrock

Remodeling at the Eccles Library continues, as walls with sheetrock, and new ventilation are installed. For information on expected noise levels, please check the home page on the library’s website. The spots you are seeing on the photographs are not the result of a dirty lens. It’s the dust from all the sanding going on!

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Photos of our spring remodeling

Slideshow of progress on remodeling the library

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Construction notice for Eccles Library

Construction notice about remodeling project for the 2nd floor of the library.

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