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Search engines and usability for finding medical information online: a new study

Search engines may be good places for people with adequate or better information literacy skills, but what of the majority of the population that has low health literacy?

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Researchers and information literacy

Discussion of the SCONUL 7 Pillars of Information literacy as applied to research, and how the research process would benefit from librarian input at the beginning, prior to gathering information.

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Using teach-back to improve health literacy

Using the teach-back method is an excellent way to make sure you’ve gotten your information across, whether to students in the library, or patients in a clinical setting.

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Evaluating information literacy training offered by medical libraries

Discussion of recently published article on information literacy instruction by medical libraries, and an example from our own library.

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One newspaper’s digital literacy campaign

One UK newspaper is teaching digital literacy online and live, boosting a critical aspect of young students’ information literacy.

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Teaching information literacy with a focus on news

As reported on PBS’s News Hour, a four-year-old program known as the News Literacy Project is being taught “to middle and high school students in 21 inner-city and suburban schools in the Washington, D.C., area, New York City, and Chicago. With funding from “a combination of foundations, corporations and individuals,” it is designed to help […]

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When Information Literacy Informs Health Literacy

Discusses a notable example of a journalist going beyond the claims of a recently published study by a for-profit company to sort out what is valid from what will sell.

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When health literacy needs information literacy

An online health quiz may seem well-researched and informative, but it is important to look deeper and try and determine why it is there, and what purpose it serves. This is how information literacy skills interact with health literacy.

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Thoughts on what students don’t know

Thoughts on what students don’t know, and how higher education shares responsibility for this result.

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Who’s paying for my “free” medical app?

Developing a mobile application (“app” for short) for any use requires time, programming skills, and, if you want to sell your app, a potential audience. Creating medical mobile apps also requires finding content that is scientifically supported and evidence based, which means a developer has to pay for expert medical searching and advice. So where […]

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