ArtRieve Document Delivery

Address: P.O. Box 735
McLean, VA 22101



Phone Numbers: (571) 205-4233

Fees: Starting at $8 per article.

Deposit Account Available: Yes

Deposit Account minimum amount: $500

Subscription Fees: None

Rush Service: Rush and Super-Rush services available.  Visit the website for details.

Payment Options: Credit card, checks, money orders.  Billing on monthly basis.

Delivery Options: Email, USPS

Request Mechanisms: Website order form
(571) 205-4233

Material Coverage: Full service

Content Coverage: All subjects

Types of documents supplied: Newspaper articles
Book chapters
Journal articles
Conference proceedings
Government documents
Legal documents

Currency: U.S. Dollars

Copyright Clearance Center Reporting Included/Available: Yes

Searching Capabilities: Library of Congress
National Institute of Health
National Library of Medicine

Additional Features: 100% Customer service oriented company.  Our focus is to meet and exceed expectations.

This listing of document delivery suppliers is being provided by Jean Shipman. She assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided or for any damages resulting from its use.

All information provided is subject to change.