The British Library Document Supply Centre Services

Address: Boston Spa
West Yorkshire
LS23 7BQ
United Kingdom

Email: e-mail:


Phone Numbers:Customer Services: +44 (0) 1937 546060
Account Enquiries: +44 (0) 1937 546655

FAX: +44 (0) 1937 546333

Fees: Standard (2-3 days): post, secure electronic delivery, fax --
£7.75 / EUR12.50 / $12.50

2-hour delivery: secure electronic delivery, fax -- £21.00 /
EUR33..00 / $33.00

24-hour delivery: secure electronic delivery, fax -- £16.00 /
EUR25.00 / $25.00

One item taken on loan -- £14.40 / EUR23.00 / $23.00

Publication-specific copyright fees will also be charged where applicable. For our full price list, please see our website

Deposit Account Available: Yes

Deposit Account minimum amount: $180/£100

Discounts N/A

Subscription Fees: None

Rush Service: 2 hour and 24 hour delivery options are available

Turnaround Time:Standard Service turnaround time for documents held in our own stock is 2-3 working days.
2 hour and 24 hour delivery is available through all of our regular ordering routes, including ARTWeb, our online order form.
Extended 'Backup' search and retrieval from other UK libraries is available at extra cost but with longer turnaround time.

Payment Options: Cheque, Bank transfer, Access, Visa, Eurocard, American Express

Delivery Options: Secure electronic delivery (encrypted PDF files), Airmail, Fax, International Courier, Ariel(r)

Request Mechanisms: Orders can be sent via a web-based template at

Requests can be submitted by email and telnet - instructions will be provided, as they need to be formatted correctly.

Up to 10 requests per customer per day can be submitted to a dedicated fax number (do not fax requests to the Customer Services number given above).

Orders can also be sent via a variety of database hosts, e.g. OCLC: BRI, DIALOG, and GEM.

Material Coverage: Material Coverage : The British Library is a full service document supplier with a dedicated document supply collection holding over 260,000 journal titles:- virtually all languages and subjects (56,000 currently received). 3.2 million books:- all subjects, mostly English language. 4.5 Million reports, includes US Govt. as well as British, European Union, Japanese and many other countries. 440,000 conference proceedings:- all languages and subjects are collected. 620,000 Doctoral dissertations (including many from US), 137,000 music scores.

Subject Specialty: All subjects and disciplines are covered. Especially comprehensive in the areas of science, technology, business, and medicine.

Types of documents supplied: All types

Currency: Sterling, US Dollars, Euros

Copyright Clearance Center Reporting Included/Available:Yes. Where applicable, publication-specific copyright fees are collected by the the BLDSC and passed on to the Copyright Licensing Agency and other rights holders.

Searching Capabilities: We will search our own extensive British Library Collections, and if requested, a network of UK libraries.

Additional Features: Current awareness services, online bibliographic files and online ordering, local agents in some countries.

The British Library online catalogue gives free access to the document supply serial, book and conference holdings files at

For more information, contact our Customer Services team on:
T +44(0) 1937 6546563, F +44(0) 1937 546333

Alternatively, you can visit our web pages at for information on our document supply services.

Our website also contains our list of current journals received and available for document supply, an ordering facility for documents and contact details of our Agents in different countries.

This listing of document delivery suppliers is being provided by Jean Shipman. She assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided or for any damages resulting from its use.

All information provided is subject to change.