Chinese Document Delivery

Address: The Chinese Source
20 B, Tak Fat Building
Finnie Street,
HongKong Island, Hong Kong

Phone Numbers: +86-10-66487418


Fees: Regular Services: Journal Order $5.00 Thesis Order $15.00 Conferences Proceedings Order $10.00 Standards Order $15.00 Newspaper Order $20.00 Other Orders $10.00
Delivery Options: Electronic Delivery Free Photocopy Delivery: Copying Charge ($0.25 per page) + Delivery fees (at cost). Other Services: Translation $55.00 per thousand words

Deposit Account Available: No

Deposit Account minimum amount: N/A

Discounts 50-99 Documents per Month 10% off 100-199 Documents per Month 15% off 200-UP Documents per Month 20% off

Subscription Fees: None

Rush Service: No rush service fee

Turnaround Time: Usually, document requests will be processed within 24 hours

Payment Options: We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express. We also offer wire transfers and bank drafts as methods of payment.

Delivery Options: Electronic: Most requests will be filled by providing an electronic copy, unless otherwise requested. Files less than 2MB in size will be sent to the requester's Email address; Files 2 MB or greater in size wil be posted to our file server and the requester will receive an email with instruction and a web address where the files are posted. The electronic copy will be available on our server for 15 days.
Photocopy: Photocopies can be delivered via mail or FAX. For FAX delivery, FAX machines must be able to receive 24 hours every day.

Request Mechanisms: Online:

Material Coverage: Our document collection including:
12,500,000 articles published on more than 9,000 journal titles; Nearly 700,000 Masters, Doctoral, and Post-doctoral dissertations from key Chinese research institutions from 1986 onward; More than 460,000 conference proceedings from various academic associations, industrial organizations, governmental agencies, and international bodies in China from 1986 onward; All Chinese Laws and Regulations published since 1949; China Patents published since 1985; All China national and industrial standards; China Statistical information; Chinese Government Documents & Work Report since 1983; Communist Party of China (CPC) documents; Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) documents since the 1st conference; National People's Congress (NPC) documents since the 1st conference; More than 5.8 million articles from over 700 China core newspapers including People's Daily, PLA Daily, Guang Ming Daily, Economic Daily, Shanghai Wen Hui Daily, Shanghai Xinmin Evening News, etc.; 1,000 titles of world, national and provincial-level yearbooks, industry yearbooks, subject yearbooks, school yearbooks, enterprise yearbooks and statistical yearbooks;

If the information you are looking for are not listed above, please let us know what you require, as this is just a selection of the wide range of our expanding collection.

Content Coverage: Please visit our site at

Subject Specialty: All documents published in China

Types of documents supplied: Journal articles, regulations, laws, dissertations, newspapers, books, Patents,standards, year books, reports

Currency: US dollars

Copyright Clearance Center Reporting Included/Available: Yes

Searching Capabilities: By cooperating with top libraries and database companies in China, we have access to a huge number of article and journal contents, a collection that is constantly expanding through our ongoing partnership and alliances with publishers and content producers.

Additional Features: Offers one-stop service - with comprehensive coverage that includes Chinese documents from research journals, dissertations, conference proceedings, laws and regulations to patents, standards, statistics and so on. For customers who can not understand Chinese, we also provide translation services.
Quick response - usual processing time varies from 1 to 2 business days, depending on the requirement.
Customer privacy - all information we collected is for better serving our customers and will never share the information with third party.

Convenient Payment Options - All major credit cards are accepted.
Delivery options - flexible document delivery service is provided to match the particular needs of each customer: electronic, fax, mail, DHL, or other couriers.

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