Reprints Desk, Inc.

Address: 10990 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 1410
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Sulzburgstr. 172
D-50937 Cologne


Phone Numbers: The Americas
Phone: +1 (310) 477-0354
Toll Free: +1 (877) 444-4346

Phone: +49 221 169 15 19

FAX: (The Americas) +1 (323) 375-1576
(Europe) +49 221 169 14 28

Fees: $15.00 (USD) Service Fee + Copyright Royalty
  • Regular delivery is regularly from a few minutes to just a few hours and in color whenever possible
  • Zero Rush, Panic, or Color surcharges
  • Volume pricing is available. Please inquire for details.

Deposit Account Available: Yes

Deposit Account minimum amount: N/A

Discounts: Please inquire for details.

Subscription Fees: None

Rush Service: Available for no additional charges as part of the regular service.

Turnaround Time:Regularly from a few minutes to just a few hours.

Payment Options:Invoice prepared monthly. May be paid by check, credit card, bank transfer, or deposit account.

Delivery Options:E-mail with a link to download the PDF. Some articles may have DRM based on publisher requirements, but no plug-in is required view. Hardcopy delivery also available. Hardcopy articles are professionally printed in original colors.

Request Mechanisms:Web Services, Online at, e-mail, fax, and via LinkOuts from web-based resources such as PubMed, EBSCO Host, and OVID.

Material Coverage:PDFs from publisher archives (including Science Direct from Elsevier), plus a variety of print sources including government and academic libraries, and an expansive network of other sources.

Content Coverage:All subjects

Subject Specialty:Scientific, technical, and medical (STM) subjects

Types of documents supplied:Digital and scanned copies of published articles, papers from conference proceedings, technical reports, dissertations, government reports, and more. Printed and scanned articles go through a complimentary 15-step quality and accuracy control process, which includes formatting and the removal of black borders.

Currency:All document delivery transactions are priced in USD. Please inquire about options for other currencies.

Copyright Clearance Center Reporting Included/Available:Yes, most royalties are paid either directly to publishers or to the CCC.

Searching Capabilities:N/A

Additional Features: Web services capabilities, Bounceback order filtering service to include your subscribed content in the document delivery workflow, PDFs without plug-ins using a proprietary Adobe-based DRM solution, and rights management available within the document delivery workflow via integration with Rightsphere from the Copyright Clearance Center. Reprints Desk was rated number 1 in every category and overall in the 2008 Document Delivery Best Practices and Vendor Scorecard report from research and advisory firm Outsell, Inc.

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All information provided is subject to change.