Research Solutions

Address:P.O. Box 3117
Chico, CA 95927


Phone Numbers:1(866)WE.FIND.IT (933.4634)


Fees:REGULAR service: $15.00/doc + copyright
ASAP RUSH service: $25.00/doc + copyright

Deposit Account Available:Yes

Deposit Account minimum amount:None

DiscountsBulk Discount Rates:
20% 100-199 docs/mo.
25% 200-499 docs/mo.
30% over 500 docs/mo.

Subscription Fees:N/A

Rush Service:Yes. ASAP RUSH service (Hours/Same day/Next day)

Turnaround Time:Regular --- (2 days)
ASAP RUSH --- (Hours/ Same day/Next day)

Payment Options:Check (30 Day Billing)
Visa / MasterCard / American Express
Deposit Account

Delivery Options:Email (PDF Format)
US Mail (1st Class)
Fed Ex/UPS/DHL/Other

Request Mechanisms:e-mail: (Most Popular)
Internet (On-line order form)

Material Coverage:All Material

Content Coverage:All Content

Subject Specialty:All Subjects

Types of documents supplied:Scientific, Technical and Medical Journal Articles
Newspaper/Magazine Articles
Conference Proceedings
Book Chapters
Gov. Docs

Currency:United States Dollars

Copyright Clearance Center Reporting Included/Available:Yes

Searching Capabilities:Extensive! (Hundreds of Databases)

Additional Features:Online Document Tracking service
Secure online order form
Custom Searches Available ($65.00-95.00 per hr.)
No extra charge for placing orders via phone, fax or email. No extra data entry charge. No extra charge for incomplete citations or citation verification. Access to libraries throughout North America and the UK.

This listing of document delivery suppliers is being provided by Jean Shipman. She assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or comprehensiveness of the information provided or for any damages resulting from its use.

All information provided is subject to change.