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September 17-20 2005:
Fort Douglas, University of Utah

Conference Information

Conference Highlights

  • Welcome Reception

  • Guest Speakers

  • Special Events

  • Photo Album

  • Geocaching


Setup your AvantGo account

  • Visit our AvantGo server at http://go.med.utah.edu
  • Click New Account Registration
  • Select which device you use and click Next
  • Download and install the software, then click Next (Note: if you already have AvantGo software on your computer and PDA, you can skip this step by clicking Next).
  • Fill out the registration information
  • (important step) Click Configure Connection to configure your AvantGo software to automatically connect to our server (make sure your PDA is plugged into your computer) - then you're done setting up your account!
Adding Eccles Library Channels
  • Go to http://go.med.utah.edu and login with the account you've just created.
  • To add channels offered by the Eccles Library, click Browse Public Channels, then click Eccles Library under Categories
  • Then Click the plus sign under the channel you'd like to subscribe to - then you're done!
Adding Personal Channels
  • Go to http://go.med.utah.edu and login to your account.
  • Click New Personal Channel
  • Fill out the information necessary to connect to your channel. For examle
    • Title: The Onion Mobile
    • Location: http://mobile.theonion.com
    • Channel Size Limit: 100 [most channels will not require more than 100 KB]
    • Link Depth: 1 [The Onion provides a link for each headline that goes one link deep to view the full text]
    • Include Images: 0 [images are usually ads, so I don't include them unless I think I'll need to see them]
    • Follow Offsite Links: unchecked [this decision is up to you]
    • Refresh: Daily - Friday Checked [The Onion is updated every friday, but select whatever you feel is necessary]
  • Click Create and you are done. The channel will be available to you the next time you sync (or when you specified it to be syncronized).

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