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For the best experience with the Pediatric NeuroLogic Exam website, we recommend the following:

  1. For online viewing of our movies, you must have QuickTime installed.
    Download QuickTime

  2. On Windows-based computers, online viewing of our movies (even with QuickTime installed) may fail.
    Try Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Firefox.

  3. When you Download one of our movies, you get a .zip file.
    To unzip a downloaded movie, we recommend installing and using StuffIt Expander from SmithMicro (available free for both Apple and Windows-based computers). In most situations, StuffIt Expander works most reliably.

    Get StuffIt Expander for Windows
    Get StuffIt Expander for Mac

  4. A password is required to unzip a movie you download. Go to this page for more information: Password Needed.

1. Website Flow
2. QuickTime Required
3. Viewing Movies Online
4. How to Show Closed Captions Closed Captions icon
5. How to Download Movies
6. How to Fix Messy Fonts
7. Internet Connection Speed
8. Health Content Disclaimer

Note: The following instructions are solely for English language software. However, these technical concepts generalize to other languages.


  1. WEBSITE FLOW:This website was primarily designed to be used in a step-by-step, sequential fashion. It is important to start with the module called INTRODUCTION to understand the flow and the structure of the subsequent tutorials. On the other hand, the structure of the website and its content do allow you to randomly access any portion of the site at any time.

  2. QUICKTIME REQUIRED: You must have the QuickTime Browser plug-in to play the movies online, directly from the web pages. This plug-in is available without cost for Macintosh and Windows-based computers. If you do not have QuickTime installed on your computer, click the following QuickTime Download Link...

    Download QuickTime

    Unlike the QuickTime movies you play directly online, downloaded movies come in several formats, including QuickTime, Windows Media, and MPEG-4.

  3. VIEWING MOVIES:Movies for the site are progressive download files that are transferred immediately over the Internet to your computer for playback. The movies you view online, directly from a web page are in the QuickTime format. You must have QuickTime installed on your computer. If your web browser refuses to display the movies for online viewing (even after installing QuickTime), switch to a different web browser.

    Movies are represented by a framed THUMBNAIL PICTURE. Below that picture is a button labeled "VIEW ONLINE-CC." By clicking the THUMBNAIL PICTURE or the VIEW ONLINE button, the movie will immediately open and play in a popup window. Make sure that popup windows are allowed in your web browser configuration.

    The QuickTime movies for online viewing include Closed Captions in English. See the section below about how to show and hide the captions.


    Logo for Closed Captioning

    We are pleased to announce that as of November 2012 the QuickTime 640x480 versions of our movies now include closed captions in English. Complete instructions for turning captions ON or OFF are available from the page "HOW TO SHOW CLOSED CAPTIONS Closed Captions icon." There is also a link in the left-hand side Table of Contents.

    Summarized below is the quick version of the instructions for turning captions ON or OFF:

    • VIEWING FROM THE WEBSITE (requires QuickTime Plugin): Any movie listed in a website page has two blue buttons: VIEW ONLINE "CC", and DOWNLOAD VIDEO.

    • If you click the VIEW ONLINE "CC" button, the movie opens in a new window. By default, the closed captions do not automatically show.
      • Simply right-mouse-click anywhere over the movie itself.
      • From the sub-menu that appears, select "SHOW CLOSED CAPTIONING." Wait a few seconds for the captions to begin.
      • Some versions of the QuickTime plugin for web browsers may not reveal this sub-menu. Instead, you will see a small icon in the movie's player control bar that looks like a cartoon dialog bubble. Click this bubble and select "English CC" to turn the Closed Captions ON.
      • Some movies indicate they are "without sound." In such cases, there are no captions.
    • VIEWING AFTER DOWNLOADING A MOVIE: If you download the QuickTime version of our movies, the downloaded movie can be viewed directly in Apple's QuickTime Player, Apple iTunes, or a variety of other QuickTime compatible players. To reveal the closed captions:
      • Select the player's menu item named either "VIEW" or sometimes "CONTROLS."
      • Then select "SHOW CLOSED CAPTIONING" or "SUBTITLES>ENGLISH CC," depending on the player you are using.
      • Please be sure you are not using Windows Media Player to display our captioned QuickTime movies. Our captions cannot be revealed when watching the movies with Windows Media Player.
    • MOBILE DEVICES: Additional instructions for revealing closed captions in mobile devices, such as iPhones and iPads, are found on the page "HOW TO SHOW CLOSED CAPTIONS Closed Caption icon."

  5. HOW TO DOWNLOAD MOVIES: Do you need to save copies of the movies for classroom lecture, presentations, or other instructional applications?


    • We have created a stand-alone web page showing the steps to download movies from our website.
    • Included in the instructions are an explanation about the zip file format for movies that are downloaded, as well as how to obtain the password needed to unzip those files.
    • Go to this page:

      Movie Download Instructions

  6. HOW TO FIX MESSY FONTS: Does your web page look like this?

    If so, you need to adjust the "Text Zoom" or "Font Display Size" for your web browser software.

    • For Internet Explorer on Windows Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > TEXT SIZE. Select a different size, usually smaller.
    • For Internet Explorer on Macintosh Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > TEXT ZOOM. Select a different size, usually smaller.
    • For Netscape on Windows Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > DECREASE FONT
    • For Netscape on Macintosh Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > DECREASE FONT
    • For Firefox on Windows Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > TEXT SIZE > DECREASE
    • For Firefox on Macintosh Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > TEXT SIZE > DECREASE
    • For Safari on Macintosh Computers:
      • Use the menu VIEW > MAKE TEXT SMALLER

  7. INTERNET CONNECTION SPEED: This site requires a high-speed connection such as a T1 line, broadband cable modem or DSL. Because of the file size of the QuickTime movies, it is impractical to interact with the NeuroLogic Exam and NeuroLogical Cases websites with a modem. Quality via smartphones depends on your cellular connectivity.

  8. Health Content Disclaimer: This tutorial site is intended for use by health care professionals and is not intended for general public education or patient education. If you are a patient with neurological concerns, contact your personal physician.
    University of Utah Health Content Disclaimer


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