To improve healthcare through the development and fostering of a cooperative network of
health sciences libraries in Utah

Horizon Cataloging Guidelines

I.  Modules currently available:
II.  Responsibilities of participating libraries.
- pay Ameritech fees/charges for purchase and maintenance of their library workstation
- report problems to Eccles Library ILS coordinator
- pay for cataloging of unique records
- maintain up-to-date cataloging of collection
- purchase of the computer workstation and operating system to run the software
- complete training in each module before starting to use the module

III.  Responsibilities of Eccles Library.
- maintain and support the server and database
- provide technical assistance and support
- serve as the contact point with Ameritech on all issues
- provide training in each module

IV.  Guidelines for participation.
- participation in UHSLC as a Full Institutional Member
- allows walk-in and/or interlibrary loan access to collection
- minimal participation: reference and circulating book collections

V.  Guidelines for information inclusion.
- books, audiovisuals, journals, computer files, reserve materials
- special materials based on library needs (e.g., patient collections, grand rounds videotapes)
- collections only accessible by owning library (e.g, VA equipment, departmental collections, Eccles genetics collection)

VI.  Guidelines for cataloging.
- MeSH subject headings - NO non-MeSH subject headings
- author entered ONLY based on authority record (i.e., OCLC, Marcive, RLIN, etc.)
- NLM records perferred over all other cataloging (hierarchy: NLM, LC, VA)
- short bibs for ephemeral/special material ONLY
  • title required
  • no author (except where author already exists exactly in catalog)
  • subject headings optional but must be MeSH
- changes/deletions may ONLY be made on your individual library's OWN records