UHSLC Meeting Minutes 22 January 2007

Veterans Administration Medical Center

Attendees: Jeanne LeBer, Marilyn Schwartz, Valeri Craigle, Alice Weber, Ellen Richards, Lynn Wilson, Camille Salmond, Kirk Davis, Jason Youngstrom, John Bramble

Acceptance of Past Minutes: Minutes from the October meeting were approved.

Treasurer's update: Kirk will be reimbursed for the $30 he spent on the UHSLC Christmas party. Thanks to him and all who contributed to the effort.

UHSLC elections for 2007:
Date Place Host Professional Development
March 19th USN South Jordan Campus Valeri Craigle Medhome (Jeanne L.) and New version of Docline (John B.)
June 4th Cephalon Jason Youngstrom RML Services (John B.)
August 6th Intermountain Healthcare Lake Park Lynn Wilson     
October 22nd Shriners Hospital Lynda Van Wagoner    
December 3rd Eccles Library Christmas Party     How to eat lots of food

Other ideas for professional development:

UHSLC Bylaws Additional revisions include:
   UHSLC Union List: Create a mechanism for oversight of UHSLC funds. One solution is to allow the officers to review the bank statements.

GoLocal Update - None

RML News - Attached

Roundtable Reports: The meeting adjourned at 3:15

Next Meeting: The next UHSLC meeting will be held at the USN South Jordan Campus March 19th at 1:00. The address and a map will be sent with the meeting announcement. Also plan to join us before the meeting at 12:30 for a look at MedHome and the Docline Update.

Respectfully Submitted,
Valeri Craigle
January 23, 2007

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