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- NancyLombardo, 14 Oct 2009

CONTENTdm Migration Notes

  • Customer Service
    • Client's (external users) firewall is blocking Project Client from uploading to CDM server (local issue)
    • Project Client: Serial number required for PC installation
    • Access to collections restricted - more planning for setting rights to appropriate collections for users ahead of time
    • Adding client to the security group is a required step
    • Changing URL from development server - switch away from testing usin gthe IP to using the true URL
    • Providing ample instructions for external clients "This is probably a dumb question, but how do I check to see if my uNID is valid? I haven't used it in so long..."
  • Software
    • Custom Templates not applied -
    • Ungraceful crashes: CDM is still working on debugging this problem so we will probably be moving to a newer upgrade pretty soon.
    • Adding items to a compound object structure in the Project Client or the web interface: According to CDM support, we were able to edit the structure of a PDF compound object in Acquisition Station. The Project Client does not have the capability to perform this function just yet. You are still able to edit the structure of a compound object using the web interface for jpeg compound objects.
    • Shared Projects: Currently the Project Client does not have the ability to store project settings on a shared drive. The default setting is C/ My Documents. According to CDM support, this may be due to a bug.
    • When you enable the collection level setting on CONTENTdm to convert multi-page PDF to compound objects, there are a couple of different options:
      a. to follow the filename with the word, ‘Page’, or
      b. to follow the filename with a numeric number, i.e. 1,2,3,…
      No matter what option we select, CDM reverts to its seemingly buggy ‘default’ setting of filename followed by a number. Even if try to pull the compound object into the Project Client and edit the individual objects so that the filenames are followed by the word, ‘Page’ or something else- it appears to work in the Project Client but CONTENTdm will revert back to its setting of the filename followed by the numeric number after indexing the collection.
    • Sometimes when the Project Client is launched and you try to open an existing project- you get an error message stating that the project name needs to be unique. In a case like this, it is a good idea to exit out of the Project Client and launch it back up again because sometimes the Project is actually running but you cannot see it in the Project Client (it may be that it was the last project you were working on in the Project Client).
    • Something to be aware of: the default image setting for a project is set to ‘jpeg2000’. If your project does not require jpeg2000/zoomable capability, then make sure to go into the project settings (at the time of project creation), and under ‘Images and Thumbnails’ select the ‘jpeg’ setting and change the display dimensions to ‘800 by 600’.
      8. If you are unable to connect to a collection- try indexing the collection itself to clear out anything that may be lingering in the approval queue. Sometimes server hiccups tend to cause weirdness in the CDM world.
    • I have received some errors while trying to replace thumbnails associated with an item. Sometimes, CONTENTdm is somehow still associating an old thumbnail (that was used to do the original upload) with an item, and the only way to allow CDM to associate the item with a new thumbnail is to go into the project settings and delete the thumbnail association. You will know when this happens, because the Project Client will crash and error out after displaying a message about thumbnail association. It will also give the path of the thumbnail it is associating the item with.
    • Project Client indexing:
      Slower than previous versions;
      It sticks and has to be cancelled and restarted;
      It doesn’t always clear the “locked” items
    • Projects defined aren’t saved when next you open the software under “open existing project”.
    • Bug in tab-delimited import of compound objects if a controlled vocabulary is used
    • “Operation cancelled by user” on large compound object import on my machine.
    • FIREFOX Issue: PDF that won't display in firefox but will display in IE
    • ANSI vs UTF8 - How to set this default? (U-SKIS)

  • Technical (Server Level)
    • Full Res links not appearing in first test - Virtual directories needed to be created - Resolved
    • api2.php - has a hard coded server path name that needs to be changed if directories change - Resolved
    • Advanced search failure - due to cnversion issues - unique to v4 to v5 - legacy alias names - don't change alias names across a conversion
    • Unidentified Errors:

      1. An error occurred while parsing entity name. Line 6, position 109.

      2. Error reading file- f:\contentdocs….index.cpd

    • Cooliris code migration - Remember to transfer code into new version
    • Faulty unid - OIT issue -- may happen with external clients
  • Training
    • More experience with new CDM version software before doing training


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