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1) I am not able to retrieve some of the PDFs I have in the Walsh and Sadun collections using the Acq Station. They are up there, and display for users, but the Acq Station will not retrieve them. Example: walsh_2007_s2_c1 This item has no icon, and can not be retrieved in Acq Station. How do I add an icon? It was added via the Web Add function. The “generate default icon" option was checked when it was uploaded. These are the errors I get in Acq Station:



May 29, 2008 Update

I did a test on these items that will not download into the Acq Station.
I opened the item record, saved the PDF to my local drive.
I uploaded the item as though it were new into the collection, using the same PDF I just downloaded from CDM.
I selected the default CDM PDF icon.
It uploaded, but does not display the selected icon, rather the miniature PDF.
It does open to a PDF plug-in display of the record.
It will now download into the Acq Station.

Questions remaining:

1) Why can't I get an icon to display?
2) Why can't the Acq Station open the original documents?

2) I am having some variability in my CDM displays that I don't understand.

The PDFs seem to display differently, at random. For example, I have two related files for a case at:


They are: walsh_2007_s2_c1 and Walsh_2007_s2_c1_pp Both are PDFs. One has no icon, but I would like one. (This is the file I can't retrieve.) It displays the title as the link in the icon column. It opens to a reasonable display, with the PDF embedded window. That is good.

The second file displays the PDF as the icon, which does not look good. I generated an icon in the Acq Station, but it does not display. In addition, when you click on that PDF icon, it automatically demands to download the PDF, rather than displaying it as it does with the item above. You have to know to cancel the download, then you can view the metadata, but there is no embedded PDF.

What is going on here? Am I missing some setting? I do not see a way to fix these.

See also most of the Sadun PDFs at: http://library.med.utah.edu/NOVEL/Sadun

May 29, 2008 Update

I did a test of Adobe Acrobat (AA) vs PDF Creator (PDFC) to determine if the PDF production process was the problem.

I used the original PPT file.
I produced a PDF using AA and PDFC
I used the Acq Station to upload each new PDF as a new item.
I selected the default CD PDF icon for both.
Both PDFs resolved the problem of the PDF not loading into the plug-in (demanding to be downloaded.)
Neither PDF retained the icon.
NOTE: Foolishly, I deleted the problem file before thinking that it might have helped us unravel this issue.

Questions remaining:

1) Why did the original file, created with PDFC, demand download rather than allow viewing int he plug-in?
2) Why can't I get an icon to display?

CDM Query to see the files in question:

-- NancyLombardo - 14 May 2008

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