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Checklist of criteria for testing after CDM upgrade:

End User functions:
  1. Browse to collection using CDM browse function: http://content.lib.utah.edu/cdm4/browse.php
  2. In browse results:
    1. Thumbnails are appropriately sized and placed.
    2. Appropriate fields are linked to individual item; other appropriate text in some fields is linked to keyword searches.
  3. Open items from the browse collection mode
    1. Item displays correctly in all common browsers and on all common platforms
      1. Browsers: IE6, IE7, Firefox 2, Firefox 3, Safari, Opera
      2. Platforms: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Macintosh OS9, Macintosh OSX
    2. Metadata displays and is correct
    3. Resource file is downloadable (where appropriate)
    4. Compound Objects display correctly, are navigable (including on Macintosh)
    5. PDFs, Powerpoints, Audio, Video files open in appropriate viewer
    6. Full resolution is accessible (where appropriate)
    7. Full text search is intact and accessible where appropriate
    8. Appropriate text is linked to keyword searches
  4. Search collection:
    1. Able to find items in each collection using search options on Digital Collections page: http://www.lib.utah.edu/portal/site/marriottlibrary/menuitem.71fc4cf804ce58bcb123b610c1e916b9/?vgnextoid=5abc4bf69c4a9110VgnVCM1000001c9e619bRCRD
    2. Able to find items in EAD collections using search options on Special Collections EAD search/browse page; check for graceful failure
    3. Able to search each collection using “Across all fields”; check for graceful failure
    4. Able to search each collection using “Specific Fields”; check for graceful failure
    5. Able to search each collection using “By Proximity”; check for graceful failure
    6. Able to search by date the collections that have Date fields with data type set to "Date"; check for graceful failure
    7. Test the new Find Search capabilities, including the faceted browsing by all the facets possible; check for graceful failure
      1. Check impact of Faceted Searching on Template display, are templates displaying properly?

Collections Management Functions:
  1. Download new Project Client (replaces Acq Station)
    1. Able to log in to all collections using Project Client
    2. Able to search and retrieve
    3. Able to edit and replace
    4. Able to upload new items, including JPEG2000
    5. Project spreadsheet: Able to fill down, copy and paste from field to field, enter unicode text.
    6. Media Editor: Able to use "Save and Next", change thumbnail, change item permissions.
    7. Workflows used (U-SKIS and U-SKIS for Western Soundscape) will need to re-write the hook from ftp to new upload function -- http, I believe? ( As a side note, we'll want to share this information with Claremont Colleges and update Sourceforge coding)
    8. Able to upload EAD files in the LSTA-project-approved way; test whether (and, if so, how) CDM still mangles date ranges that span two centuries; test whether CDM now reliably flags (or truncates) excessive field length (a limit of 128,000 characters still?)
  2. Log in to Web Admin interface
    1. Able to search collections
    2. Able to retrieve and edit items
    3. Able to index and find new or edited items in user interface
    4. Check functions of collection configuration, field properties and controlled vocabulary options
    5. Assure good defaults for field properties and other settings when a new collection is set up
  3. Testing additional new features
    1. What is now possible given some of the new features
    2. CDM said these features would be there, are they there for us or have we customized in a way that doesn't support all of the new features? Include making sure we get what they said we could expect.
    3. Processing features (particularly with approving items)
    4. New EAD ingestion method -- does it have all the limitations that USU has pointed out from its testing? What other limitations do we need to point to OCLC?

Admin Functions:
  1. Test OAI provision of metadata
    1. Test all basic OAI queries for errors and accuracy, both with web browser query and with the series of tests offered in the OAI Repository Explorer (http://re.cs.uct.ac.za/): Identify, ListMetadataFormats, ListSets, ListIdentifiers, ListRecords for all (including resumptionToken) and for one set, GetRecord
    2. Ensure datestamp granularity is appropriate
    3. Ensure provision of object-level (i.e., not page-level) metadata for compound objects
    4. Check any (additional) truncation of long fields in OAI stream
    5. Check provision of at least one collection with unicode text included
  2. Reports generator testing (so we have some testing of anticipated features)(not sure if all of the below are possible in new Reports Generator)
    1. Current number of items: total, by collection, and by type
    2. Current number of records: by collection (can we do it by MWDL partner as well?)
    3. Retrieval (usage) of records by record and by collection within a given date range
    4. Retrieval (usage) of resource files by file and by collection within a given date range (helpful when the resource must be accessed by the end user as a separate step, as with streaming media)

Usability and reporting features? (Or, possibly 'verification of availability and usability of new features') and this could include:
  1. Unicode searching,
  2. Spelling suggestion,

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