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NOVEL Steering Committee March 29, Thursday, 6:00 PM MDTTo: arnolda@ucla.edu; Deb Friedman; Fitzgibbon, Edmond (NIH/NEI) [E]; Eric.Eggenberger@hc.msu.edu; frohman@umdnj.edu; Kathleen Digre; Leah Levi; PCC@neurophth.com; Janel Fick

Agenda:1) Approve list of names for Editorial Board, as submitted by Aki Kawasaki, for forwarding to NANOS President (ACTION ITEM)Request a two year term.Role – review submissions or send out to appropriate member for review based on the contentRichard Imes, Valerie Purvin, Mark Moster, Scott Forman, Cameron Parsa, Syndee Givre, Gabriella Szatmary, Simmons Lessell and Steve Galetta
The Steering Committee determined that it would approve the list of potential participants and that Aki could make the invitations directly. Janel also has a list of NANOS members who have indicated that they are willing to serve on committees, so if these participants are unavailable, Aki has the option of getting that list and working from it. Barbar Yeates is a name that came up as someone who is interested in helping with NOVEL.

2) Report on the Curriculum development plan – Potential “product” – Could charge for subscription? (INFORMATION)Valerie Biousse, Greg vanStavern, Matt Thurtell, Victoria Pelak – Visit in June 28-30 to develop tiered curriculum outlines (med student, resident, fellow, practitioner, other – any ) and link to NOVEL materials- Determine what is on each level outline, search within NOVEL to identify appropriate resources, link them- Determine who will cover what subject areas- Also identify gaps in the collection, solicit members for materials targeting the gaps
This item led to much discussion. It was suggested that Valeri and her team pick the most important “tier” of the curricula and work on that as the primary goal. Many on the Committee believed this to be the curriculum for N-O fellows, as it will be fairly comprehensive and be useful to many. This team could do as much as possible before and during the gathering in Utah in June. The project could also be continued at the NANOS meeting in 2013, in Utah. Some corroborating thoughts were that the residents have too many curricula to follow already, and that this Fellow Curriculum may have the most commercial appeal.
The recommendation of the Committee is that the Fellow’s Curriculum be the target for our June meeting.
It was suggested that this group be merged with the NANOS Curriculum Committee, perhaps inviting Valerie to be Chair.

3) Collections – Ed is sending PPT and video of these presentations: (Discussion – ACTION for NOVEL TEAM)- Walsh 2012 powerpoints (all of them) and the Walsh 2012 Video Eye movements 2012 session – Best of NANOS 2012 - Video and Powerpoints: Brodsky AOS video and powerpoint, Borchert ON hypoplasia video and powerpoint, - Jacobson lecture 2012 video and powerpoint- 2011 video and powerpoint of "Is it in the retina?"- 2010 video and powerpoint of melanopsin lecture (I will have to hunt around for the earlier ones) You already have the Evidence base medicine lecture.Can we get all the Jacobsen Lectures? – Should this be a separate collection?Can we get Leigh and Zee?
Ed has sent a number of presentations and video representing the “Best of NANOS.” It was decided that a new collection would be created to highlight these materials. We can put it up ASAP, without waiting for the one year embargo to pass.

4) Web redesign – Ideas, suggestions? (Discussion)
The Committee suggested that we create a new Landing Page for the NOVEL Web site. This could be used to highlight the different types of content and target audiences, such as, Best of NANOS Collections, Practicing Health Care Professionals, Patients, etc. Navigation could be by Curriculum Outline, Collections, Topics, or by searching.
It was suggested that the Curriculum Committee could solicit materials for adding to the library. The Editorial Board can also solicit cases and peer review.
Another avenue for collecting cases might be for us to ask Lanning Kline, the Editor of JNO to send us good cases that he is unable to fit into the quarterly JNO issues.
We should develop more Patient Topics.

5) Walsh & Hoyt – Product? Image (Discussion)
The Walsh and Hoyt textbook project was discussed. The general consensus is that it would be too time consuming and not profitable. However, the Committee believed it would be worth dividing the existing PDFs into smaller topic documents for linking to the Curriculum Outline we are planning to develop.

6) Claire Fraser’s initial ideas about revenue and NOVEL: (Discussion)Some initial thoughts from Ian about NOVEL website based on a short conversation ... - Firstly the analytics and metadata already in place are both excellent.- He suggests some form of free content, or basic viewing, then paid access for more details and high resolution images.- The index content should be arranged by collection or by disease (as per a curriculum) depending on viewers choice.- Advertising is best avoided, but there could be a place for it in select areas. It would probably not be a major revenue source.- Colleges, libraries and training programs will be the best people to approach for full paid access.- For people from developing nations, the server can be configured so that they continue to get full free access, whereas those accessing the server from USA/UK/Australia/Europe etc have to have paid access.- He did suggest making the search function more user friendly, and recommends: http://www.google.com/sitesearch/.- Some of the content would be amendable to: http://www.apple.com/ibooks-author/- These would be a good income source as people will pay for usability on iPads etc.
Facebook is an engagement platform- who will use it?- who will participate from the NANOS/NOVEL side?- place for NOVEL updates?- people will post comments, and someone will need to be prepared to be part of any conversation that starts- use Facebook page as a "teaser" - put up some content for free, off NOVEL, then point people to the website where there is paid access- look at what other people are doing ie http://www.facebook.com/Ophthalmology.Point?sk=wall
Discussion of eCommerce centered around these ideas:- developing a FB page- Charging for access to NOVEL (4250 for all? $50 per resident?). If this were done per institution, there are 160 Ophth residency programs and 100 Neuro.- Segregate lectures for a fee- Develop illustrated curriculum for a fee- ASGR – iBook only – Best of the BestIt? was decided to talk to residency directors and find out what their needs are. Determine what they might pay? Larry Frohman said he would ask around.

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