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Review Instructions for Curriculum Building Teams

Discuss How-To Collection – any suggestions for additional exams not on list


Please try to be at your computer for the call. We will review:

1) Project status – what has been done by the team leaders (view advcurriculum on NOVEL: http://novel.utah.edu/advcurriculum)a. Blepharospasm, AION – model examplesb. Team leaders should assign sections of curriculum outline to Team members

2) Wiki – http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/NOVELPvt/ (FirstLast, pwd) all working documents are herea. Go to this URL, sign in using your FirstLast name as your login name (example: NancyLombardo)b. Create a password if you have not done so. Remember it, or write it down.

3) Instructions – Guide to Building the Illustrated Curriculum (on wiki)a. We will go over this document which outlines the workflow step by step

4) Team Curriculum Outline documents (on wiki) a. How to enter items in the table – use track changes

5) Creating NEW materials to enhance a topic, or fill a gap – these will be peer reviewed – can cite as a publicationa. How to upload items to the wiki that team members create

6) Dealing with gaps that team members are unable to filla. Process for soliciting NANOS members to help us fill gaps

Additional Notes following the meeting:

Email from 9/10/2013

Very good questions. I will try to amend the Guide to include these recommendations.

1) Yes, you will have to download the Team-Valerie-Curriculum_Outline document and do the editing locally, using track changes. I recommend adding your initials and the date to the end of the filename so we can tell who has done the work, and when it was completed. You can then upload the document to the wiki site. You are welcome to do your work in sections and submit the document when you complete a section. With your initials and the date, we will be able to track the work we need to do.

2) The Original Subject Term is the only one you need to worry about. The Final Subject Term is a tag we are using to help us refine our queries. The tag on each item allows us to hone in and bring up only those specific items with the links in the Advanced Curriculum Outline. We do want you to suggest Original Subject Terms, or keywords, that you believe define the object you are assigning to any entry on the outline. We may add terms, as appropriate.

Let me know if this is clear enough.

Thanks to you all for your work on this project!


Email from 8/29/2013

I would be happy to summarize the process again, or arrange another call if needed. I recommend looking at the Guide for Building the Illustrated Curriculum Project for NOVEL that is on the wiki. (http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/NOVELPvt/) It is more or less a step by step instruction manual. In brief, the object is to take your assigned sections and:

1) Search the existing NOVEL collections for very good educational materials on each topic. If found, copy the Identifier from the record in NOVEL and enter it into the table. This notation is how my team knows what to link. (see Guide)

2) Search WebVision for additional materials if appropriate. If found, place URL in the table by that topic. (see Guide)

3) If there are no “very good” materials, create something using your own materials (Put a few very good images together as a PPT or in a Word document, submit a good short video clip, etc. Upload these items to the wiki on the team page. These will be peer reviewed and will be considered online publications.)

4) If you have no materials that will cover the topic, go to your team and see if anyone else can fill the gap

5) If no one on the team can find or create good educational materials for a topic, consider soliciting the NANOS membership.

It might be a good idea to collect these topics and combine like topics before sending out solicitations to other NANOS members. We’d like to prevent any individual subject specialists from being inundated with requests for materials.
Feel free to email or call me with any questions.


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