Difference: DigitalCollectionGateway (r2 vs. r1)

- AnneMorrow, 27 Jul 2010


Syncing collections

Sign on at https://worldcat.org/DigitalCollectionGateway/login.jsp

Logon with UUCore account user ID and password

From the Home Tab, do the following steps steps: for each collection you are responsible for:

1. Click Assign to me

2. Click Edit

3. “Select Map Template” box opens, select System default Map

4. Approve Map & Sync

5. Confirm Approve & Sync

6. What happens next:“Approving metadata map and scheduling data load to WorldCat?. One moment please…”

7. Redirects to Home View, orange syncing icon displays in status column for the collection

WARNING: Syncing takes time!! Especially in text and compound object-heavy collections. If you click on “Refresh List” the sync will stop and only part of the collection will have been synced

8. Sync Schedule displays date of next sync, system default is 3 months from the date of initial sync

9. To view collection click on “View” under WC View

10. See Reports Tab, and click View for a collection to look at a detailed report for the sync

CONTENTdm Web Admin interface steps:

11. Server Administration Tab

12. Settings

13. Message displayed: “OCLC numbers ready to sync in one or more collections” Click on Complete sync button

14. Index EACH of the individual collections you synced in WorldCat? in order to populate the records with their OCLC numbers

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