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- NancyLombardo, 19 Nov 2008

NOVEL Patient Portal Meeting by phone:


Discuss NOVEL development of the patient education portal. Some ideas are:

1. We identified a set of topics as potential new additions to the Patient Brochure list. They are:

Optic Nerve Sheath Meningioma - Madhu Agarwal

Photophobia - Kathleen Digre

Vertigo - David Newman-Toker

Nystagmus - Eric Eggenberger or ?? Mark Moster


Meniere's - David Newman-Toker

PSP - William Hills; Larry knows someone too

Eyelid Myochiamia Myokymia - ??

There is a possibility that more topic can be identified through the AAO POC (Practicing Ophthalmologists Curriculum) committee. Dr. Agarwal is on that committee and will ask Roger about that list.

2. International translations: Dr. Mejico has the translations in French, German, Spanish and Hebrew. He has the final task of adding the pictures, then will send them to Preston and Nancy for adding to the NANOS and NOVEL Web sites.

3. Develop appropriate reading level brochures for health literacy compliance - Nancy will obtain the guide prepared by Jackie Smith at the U of U and get it into a Web format. We will add it to the NOVEL collections, and send it to this team for review.

4. Nancy will work on developing a brief survey of users for feedback, and will get a suggestion box added to the Patient Portal page in NOVEL.

5. Dr. Mejico will seek out the authors of the existing brochures and ask if they would like to be credited.

6. Nancy will review the existing brochures and identify the common headers. She will send the list to this group for review. The agreed upon headers can then serve as a template for brochure developers.

7. In future, we may want to write a grant to develop an interactive website for the patient portal, so that a patient would go to the website and interact with links to NOVEL resources or other resources.

8. When All Star Grand Rounds start, we should recommend that each grand round also have a patient information sheet that can be shared.


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