Difference: NOVELCommittees (r6 vs. r5)

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NOVEL - NANOS Committees

NOVEL Steering Committee

  • The NOVEL Steering Committee will be an Ad Hoc committee within NANOS, appointed by the President. The committee will work to encourage growth and development of the Neuro-Ophthalmology Virtual Education Library. The Steering Committee will create, guide and prioritize activities for sub-committees to focus on the following areas:
NOVEL Sub-Committees
  • NOVEL Peer Review Sub-Committee
    • The Peer Review committee or Editorial Board for NOVEL reviews new collections for content. Materials submitted by individuals will be reviewed by the Editorial board in a similar manner as articles are reviewed for a scholarly journal before acceptance. The peer-review protocol must be established, then implemented for NOVEL. Editing of material may also occur.
  • NOVEL Curriculum Sub-Committee
    • The Curriculum committee is charged with developing a tiered curriculum, customized for levels of knowledge (student, Resident, Professional, Patient?) and identifying gaps in the NOVEL collection. Identified gaps are relayed to the Collection Development Committee, where they will seek to fill them. They seek content additions to the NOVEL collection where coverage is missing from the curriculum. The online Quiz tool will be integrated into the curriculum for self knowledge assessment.
  • NOVEL Collection Development Sub-Committee
    • The Collection acquisition/review committee will solicit material based on identified gaps in NOVEL collections. They will also solicit collections as appropriate, and review unsolicited collections as offered. They will make recommendations after their review. First new collection to develop will be our “All ?All Star Grand Rounds” Rounds? based on Deb Friedman’s Friedman?s plan.
  • NOVEL Wiki Sub-Committee
    • The neuro-ophthalmology encyclopedia (Wikipedia) will involve creating a living, changing body of neuro-ophthalmological knowledge in Wiki format. This may use as a foundation chapters from the unpublished Joynt and Bakers Clinical Neurology Online textbook. Look for ways to include articles, book chapters and other published or non-published materials from NANOS members for inclusion. Develop organizational structure for the encyclopedia.
  • NOVEL Cogan Sub-Committee
    • The Cogan collection consists of videos, slides, and other materials from the late David Cogan. Reviewing videos and prioritizing them for addition to the NOVEL collection is the first task. Assisting in preparing the metadata descriptions for the collection is another job.
  • NOVEL Archives Sub-Committee

Committee Members

CommitteeCommittee ChairMembers
Steering Committee Deb Friedman Kathleen Digre, Larry Frohman, Ed Fitzgibbon, Preston Calvert, Eric Eggenberger, Tony Arnold
Peer Review Leah Levi Simmons Lessell, Steven Galetta, Aki Kawasaki
Curriculum Valerie Biousse & Victoria Pelak, Co-Chairs Swaraj Bose, Dean Cestari, Julie Falardeau, Luis Mejico, David Newman-Toker, Janet Rucker, Robert Shin
Collection Development Rich Imes Working in conjunction with Curriculum
Wiki Jason Barton Tim Martin, Ippolit Matjucha, Alfredo Sadun, John Pula (Membership not confirmed)
Cogan Nick Hogan ?
Archives James Goodwin ?

NOVEL - NANOS Committee Meeting Minutes


- NancyLombardo, 08 Aug 2008

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