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            1. Process > Save results > send all pages to > Adobe Reader/Acrobat
            2. Document opens in Adobe Acrobat Pro
      1. Replace existing file by going to File > Save as
  1. Use Project Client to add JNO issue as a Compound Object to CDM
    1. Be sure the roster.txt is complete
    2. Place all Abby’d PDFs for the JNO issue in same directory as roster.txt
    3. Open Project Client
      1. Choose Add > Compound Objects
      2. In the Add Multiple Compound Objects Dialog Box:
        1. Click the Add button after the Compound Object Wizard drop-down menu
        2. When asked: What type of compound object would you like to create? Answer: Document, Document with no hierarchy.
        3. Below, when asked: Are the compound object structure and metadata defined by a tab-delimited file? Answer: Yes
        4. Click Next
      3. Single Compound Object - Import Type:
        1. Specify the tab-delimited text file: File name: Browse to the folder and choose: roster.txt . Click Open.
        2. Item Type: What do you wish to import?: Import files from a directory: Directory name: Browse to the directory where the ABBY’d files and roster.txt reside. Click OK.
        3. Click Next
      4. Single Compound Object – Display Image Settings
        1. Do you want CONTENTdm to generate display images from the items you import? Choose: Yes
        2. Click Next
      5. Single Compound Object – Page Information
        1. Specify page names: Choose: Use file names as titles Check: Ignore information before underscore….
        2. Transcript: Choose: No Transcripts
      6. Single Compound Object –Confirm Settings
        1. Click Finish to confirm your settings. Close Summary box.
      7. Back in the Add Multiple Compound Objects Dialog Box:
        1. Click on the Map Fields tab
        2. the drop down arrow on the right, as necessary, to change the fields so that they match. NOTE: Filename maps to Object File Name
        3. Click Finish
    4. If there are no errors, Click: Upload for Approval Note: A common error is having a title that is too long. If needed, shorten titles in both roster.txt spreadsheet and PDF title. They must match exactly.
  2. Login to the CDM Web Admin interface
    1. Select the JNO collection. Click Change.
    2. Use the Items Tab. Chose Approve. Approve the item.