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  Foswiki's CDMCore web The CDMCore web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Enterprise. http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore Copyright 2015 by contributing authors 2014-03-28T17:00:30-07:00 WebLeftBar http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/WebLeftBar 2014-03-28T17:00:30-07:00 " warn="off"}% * * * * * * * * * * (last changed by StephenMossbarger) StephenMossbarger Administrivia http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/Administrivia 2013-02-13T11:59:09-07:00 Meeting Agendas and Minutes Issues to be investigated CDM Version 5 Rollout Technical Information for System Administrators Miscellaneous * CDMChecklistWithNotes ... (last changed by JohnHerbert) JohnHerbert MiscAdmin http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/MiscAdmin 2013-01-09T10:40:40-07:00 * Searching_CONTENTdm_listserv_archives.doc: Basic instructions for searching CDM listserv.oclc.org archived messages * cdm power users@lists.utah.edu : The University ... (last changed by JohnHerbert) JohnHerbert WebHome http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/WebHome 2012-12-13T10:58:37-07:00 * Administrative Section * Digital Collection Gateway * Workflows * Collection Management * CDM 6: Migration Notes * Previous CDM Version Notes ... (last changed by NancyLombardo) NancyLombardo Issues http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/Issues 2012-11-14T10:30:40-07:00 Issues needing investigation: 1 PDF Icon and Document Display 1 Image and digitization best practices Move to Metadata Best Practices section? 1 Clickable ... (last changed by JohnHerbert) JohnHerbert CDM6Migration http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/CDM6Migration 2012-08-13T10:05:35-07:00 *CDM 6 Post Migration * Download this Excel spreadsheet to see who is assgned responsibility for each digital collection on the CDM 6 server: CDM 6 Post Migration ... (last changed by NancyLombardo) NancyLombardo Agendas http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/Agendas 2012-08-08T13:54:03-07:00 Minutes and Agendas * April 2010 January 2011 Facilitator Scribe Assignments * June 2009 March 2010 Facilitator Scribe Assignments * February 2011 December ... (last changed by AnneMorrow) AnneMorrow CDM6MigrationDiscuss http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/CDM6MigrationDiscuss 2012-08-08T12:12:38-07:00 Main.NancyLombardo, 08 Aug 2012 (last changed by NancyLombardo) NancyLombardo CDM6MigrationOrig http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/CDM6MigrationOrig 2012-08-08T12:12:38-07:00 Main.NancyLombardo, 08 Aug 2012 (last changed by NancyLombardo) NancyLombardo TestTestTopicDiscuss http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/TestTestTopicDiscuss 2012-03-15T09:59:21-07:00 Main.StephenMossbarger, 15 Mar 2012 (last changed by StephenMossbarger) StephenMossbarger TestTestTopicOrig http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/TestTestTopicOrig 2012-03-15T09:59:21-07:00 Main.StephenMossbarger, 15 Mar 2012 (last changed by StephenMossbarger) StephenMossbarger TestTestTopic http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/TestTestTopic 2012-03-15T09:59:21-07:00 #InsertHere (last changed by StephenMossbarger) StephenMossbarger CDMIssues http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/CDMIssues 2012-03-15T09:57:49-07:00 CONTENTdm Issues to Report to OCLC CDM Version 5 * Firefox CDM image display No Right Click menu to allow Save Image As or Save Target As CDM Version 4.3 ... (last changed by StephenMossbarger) StephenMossbarger OAI http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/OAI 2011-06-09T21:41:46-07:00 OAI Provision and Harvesting For information about checking your collection's metadata for harvesting, see the page on the Mountain West Digital Library website on ... (last changed by SandraMcIntyre) SandraMcIntyre CONTENTdm_Core_Meeting_2011-01-12 http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/CONTENTdm_Core_Meeting_2011-01-12 2011-02-08T21:15:43-07:00 CDM Core Group Meeting January 12, 2011 1. Minutes from December meeting were discussed. 2. Usage Statistics: The CDM Statistical package was discussed. The stats ... (last changed by NancyLombardo) NancyLombardo CONTENTdm_Core_Meeting_2011-01-12Discuss http://library.med.utah.edu/wiki/bin/view/CDMCore/CONTENTdm_Core_Meeting_2011-01-12Discuss 2011-02-08T20:40:16-07:00 Main.NancyLombardo, 09 Feb 2011 (last changed by NancyLombardo) NancyLombardo