Picture of James Baggott

James Baggott, Ph.D.

Department of Biochemistry
MCP Hahnemann School of Medicine
Philadelphia, PA 19129
1941 - 1998

Dr. Baggott received the Ph.D. (1966) from the Department of Physiological Chemistry, The Johns Hopkins University. After postdoctoral study in the Department of Biological Chemistry at the University of Utah he accepted a position at Hahnemann Medical College (now Allegheny University of the Health Sciences), where he has focused on Biochemistry education. He is a codeveloper of NetBiochem and the Integrated Biochemistry Learning Series (IBLS), and is director of the team-taught nutrition course. His major current interest is in use of electronic communication in Biochemistry research and education. Aspects of this are discussed briefly in a paper presented at the Second International WWW Conference '94.

IBLS is a nearly complete medical biochemistry course for the Macintosh computer which includes the entire material content of appropriate lectures (text, graphics, animations and sound), along with other learning and review exercises. A demonstration module is available on line.

Dr. Baggott passed away December 24, 1998. He will be missed. The NetBiochem site remains as a tribute to his work.

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