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Links to Relevant Web Sites

Food and Nutrition Information Center of the United States Department of Agriculture
Here you will find links to dietary guidelines, foodborne illness information, the composition of more foods than you probably thought exist, and much more. Your tax dollars at work for you.

American Dietetic Association
This is an excellent collection of position papers and links to other professional associations (e.g., American Academy of Pediatrics, National Association for Home Care, American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition, etc., etc.).

American Society for Nutritional Science
Look under "Publications" for links to their position papers and current information on most nutrients.

National Library of Medicine PubMed
You can search Medline from this URL. Your tax dollars again -- make them work for you. Or better yet, go to where you can link to Medline itself, as well as PubMed. The National Library of Medicine's home page is at

National Institutes of Health Consensus Statements
Here you can find the text of all the NIH consensus statements on medical topics, including those related to nutrition, going back to 1977. Old, outdated ones are clearly marked as such. For documents that have been supplemented, you can get information on how to get the supplement.

CyberDiet This URL came to my attention in a January 18, 1998 Philadelphia Inquirer article that characterized it as one of a few "legitimate Web sites." Although I don't wholly agree with all of its contents, it seems to be up to date with respect to nutrient recommendations, and it has some nice nutrition profile, menu-planning features, etc.. It invites you to register, but registration is not necessary, and registration requires entering your e-mail address. I never give out my e-mail address without very good reason (too much junk e-mail as it is).