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WebPath 16

The WebPath version 16 CD-ROM is now available.

The updated version 16 is designed to be compatible with mobile devices.

This learning resource has over 5300 images, over 4000 examination questions, more than 50 case study sessions and problem-based laboratory exercises with over 400 virtual patients, and over 50 tutorials. In addition to pathology, other basic science disciplines are present, including a virtual microbiology laboratory, physiology, anatomy, neuroanatomy, histology, genetics, and immunology. The radiologic section has over 1200 correlative radiographs. The new version 16 is distributed from Mercer University School of Medicine - Savannah. The price for version 16 remains $395 for site license purchasers. An upgrade offer will be provided to purchasers of prior versions 11, 12, 14, and 15. A shipping and handling fee applies to all orders, and sales tax for Georgia residents.

The WebPath CD-ROM requires a web browser for viewing, and browsers are freely available for downloading and installation on your computer.

Delivery times are variable, depending upon local and national postal services. Please allow up to 4 to 6 weeks for delivery in the U.S. and Canada and up to 8 to 10 weeks for delivery to foreign addresses.

Please note that payment cannot be accepted electronically.

For WebPath 16, access the following PDF document, which can be filled out online and then printed to fax or mail individual orders:

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