Gastrointestinal Pathology Index

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  1. Normal esophagus, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  2. Normal esophagus, low power microscopic
  3. Candida esophagitis, gross
  4. Acute esophagitis, microscopic
  5. Herpes simplex esophagitis, gross
  6. Herpes esophatitis, low power microscopic [ENDOSCOPY]
  7. Herpes esophatitis, high power microscopic
  8. Herpes simplex ulcers, gross
  9. Barrett esophagus, microscopic
  10. Barrett esophagus, endoscopy
  11. Barrett esophagus with adenocarcinoma, endoscopy
  12. Esophageal varices, gross
  13. Esophageal varices, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  14. Esophageal varices, low power microscopic
  15. Esophageal varices, high power microscopic
  16. Stomach, scleroderma with fibrosis, Trichrome stain, microscopic [XRAY]
  17. Esophageal carcinoma, gross
  18. Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  19. Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, low power microscopic
  20. Esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, high power microscopic
  21. Stomach

  22. Stomach, normal, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  23. Stomach, pylorus, normal, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  24. Stomach, fundus, normal, medium power microscopic
  25. Acute gastritis, gross
  26. Gastropathy with gastric erosions, gross
  27. Acute gastritis, microscopic
  28. Acute gastric ulcer, benign, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  29. Gastric ulcers, endoscopy
  30. Gastric ulcer, malignant, gross
  31. Acute gastric ulcer, low power microscopic
  32. Acute gastric ulcer, high power microscopic
  33. Acute gastric ulcer penetrating to artery, low power microscopic
  34. Helicobacter pylori in stomach, Methylene blue stain, microscopic
  35. Acute duodenal ulcer, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  36. Anti-parietal cell autoantibody, immunofluorescence microscopy
  37. Gastric adenocarcinoma, gross
  38. Gastric adenocarcinoma with ulceration, gross
  39. Gastric adenocarcinoma, linitis plastica type, gross
  40. Gastric adenocarcinoma with metastases, gross
  41. Gastric adenocarcinoma, low power microscopic
  42. Gastric adenocarcinoma, medium power microscopic
  43. Gastric adenocarcinoma, high power microscopic [IPX]
  44. Gastric adenocarcinoma, signet ring pattern, high power microscopic
  45. Cytokeratin positive gastric adenocarcinoma, immunohistochemical stain, microscopic
  46. Small Intestine

  47. Normal mesentery, gross
  48. Normal terminal ileum, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  49. Normal small intestinal mucosa, medium power microscopic
  50. Adhesions, peritoneum, small intestine, gross
  51. Small intestinal infarction, gross
  52. Cecum, volvulus, gross
  53. Ischemic enteritis, gross
  54. Ischemic enteritis, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  55. Ischemic enteritis, low power microscopic
  56. Ischemic enteritis, medium power microscopic
  57. Peritonitis from bowel perforation, gross
  58. Carcinoid tumor of small intestine, gross
  59. Carcinoid tumor of small intestine, low power microscopic
  60. Carcinoid tumor of small intestine, high power microscopic
  61. Metastasis to small intestine, gross
  62. Primary adenocarcinoma, ampulla, microscopic [ENDOSCOPY]
  63. Leiomyosarcoma of small intestine, gross
  64. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of small intestine, medium power microscopic
  65. Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma of small intestine, high power microscopic
  66. Meckel's diverticulum, gross
  67. Celiac sprue compared to normal small intestine, low power microscopic
  68. Celiac sprue, small intestine, high power microscopic
  69. Giardia lamblia, small intestine, microscopic
  70. Cryptosporidiosis, small intestine, microscopic
  71. Microbiology, GI Tract bacterial infection identification - Chart
  72. Colon and Appendix

  73. Normal colonic views with colonoscopy [ENDOSCOPY]
  74. Normal colonic mucosa, medium power microscopic
  75. Pseudomembranous colitis, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  76. Pseudomembranous enteritis, gross
  77. Pseudomembranous colitis, low power microscopic
  78. Pseudomembranous colitis, medium power microscopic
  79. Appendix, normal, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  80. Acute appendicitis, gross
  81. Acute appendicitis, gross
  82. Acute appendicitis, low power microscopic
  83. Acute appendicitis, medium power microscopic
  84. Acute appendicitis, high power microscopic
  85. Colon, adenomatous polyp (tubular adenoma), gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  86. Colon, adenomatous polyp (tubular adenoma), low power microscopic [ENDOSCOPY]
  87. Colon, adenomatous polyp on long stalk, gross
  88. Colon, multiple adenomatous polyps, gross
  89. Colon, familial adenomatous polyposis, gross
  90. Colon, familial adenomatous polyposis (Gardner's syndrome), gross
  91. Colon, adenomatous polyp (tubular adenoma) compared to normal mucosa, medium power microscopic
  92. Colon, villous adenoma, composite gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  93. Colon, villous adenoma, composite low power microscopic
  94. Colon, adenocarcinoma, gross [XRAY][ENDOSCOPY]
  95. Colon, descending, adenocarcinoma, gross [MRI][ENDOSCOPY]
  96. Colon, adenocarcinoma, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  97. Colon, adenocarcinoma arising in villous adenoma, gross
  98. Colon, adenocarcinoma, low power microscopic
  99. Colon, adenocarcinoma, medium power microscopic
  100. Colon, adenocarcinoma, medium power microscopic
  101. Colon, adenocarcinoma, high power microscopic [IPX]
  102. Sigmoid colon, diverticulosis, gross
  103. Colon, diverticulosis, gross
  104. Colon, cut surface, diverticulosis, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  105. Colon,, diverticulosis, low power microscopic
  106. Colon, diverticulitis, gross
  107. Colon, diverticulitis with perforation, gross
  108. Prolapsed true hemorrhoids, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  109. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

  110. Inflammatory bowel disease, overview
  111. Crohn's disease, terminal ileum, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  112. Crohn's disease, terminal ileum, gross
  113. Crohn's disease, colon, low power microscopic
  114. Crohn's disease, colon, low power microscopic
  115. Crohn's disease, small intestine, medium power microscopic
  116. Chronic ulcerative colitis, gross
  117. Chronic ulcerative colitis, gross
  118. Chronic ulcerative colitis, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  119. Chronic ulcerative colitis, gross [ENDOSCOPY]
  120. Chronic ulcerative colitis, low power microscopic
  121. Chronic ulcerative colitis, high power microscopic
  122. Chronic ulcerative colitis with crypt abscesses, medium power microscopic
  123. Chronic ulcerative colitis with crypt abscesses, high power microscopic
  124. Chronic ulcerative colitis with dysplasia, medium power microscopic

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