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Using LibGuides to promote information literacy in Medicine

Karen Neves, a Canadian reference librarian, has a challenging task: to promote library resources to a medical faculty that is spread over three provinces. As she explains in a recent blog post, her library “has struggled a bit to gain a toe hold in information literacy” with the faculty they serve. She decided to try something new: “I decided to see if a LibGuide designed based on the architecture of COPS would be effective. It succeeded beyond my wildest imagination.”

Here is a screenshot of her guide:

Front page of Undergraduate/Postgraduate Medicine LibGuide
Undergraduate/Postgraduate Medicine LibGuide front page

Eccles Health Sciences Library has begun using this service as well. Campus Guides is the larger, campus-wide version of LibGuides, and our guides cover topics ranging from anatomy to toxicology. Course-specific guides can easily be created as well; check out one created for Suzanne Stensaas’ “Dental Neuroanatomy” class. Faculty and others interested in creating their own course-specific guide are encouraged to contact the Library, or you can post a comment on this blog.

Update 9/14/11: the blog post cited at the beginning of this article is no longer available. You can browse their current guides, find one you like, and then contact them to get a copy.