Big vendor restricts access

Todd Vandenbark

In the ongoing tug-o-war between open access and vendor-provided access, here is one of our leading librarians describing her struggles with one vendors successful attempt to limit access to an important resource: “Has EBSCO become the new evil empire?

The author, Meredith Farkas, is not just some librarian with a blog and a grudge. She has published the highly successful book Social Software in Libraries, given numerous presentations at ALA and other professional conferences, and traveled widely giving talks to groups on using social media and software in libraries. She was nominated a Mover and Shaker by Library Journal in 2006 for innovative uses of technology to benefit the profession and in 2009 was honored with the LITA/Library Hi Tech award for Outstanding Communication in Library and Information Technology. She is articulate and thoughtful, and her blog is at the top of this author’s daily reading list.

How should the library profession respond in this situation?