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Monthly Archives: April 2010 - p2

Economics of copyright law

In a recent commentary, the Economist magazine offers its perspective on why excessively-long copyright protection is not helpful to creativity, or to economics. What do you think? How long should copyright protection for print, audio, video and even Mickey Mouse last? Why?

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Upcoming LIFT Forum: Adaptive Technology

Technology can benefit all users – students, faculty, and staff. However, technology is not always accessible or adaptive for all. The Center for Disability Services here at the University of Utah provides adaptive and accessible software and technology to students with disabilities. Come learn how this technology benefits both students with disabilities as well as […]

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To Twitter or not to Twitter

In her blog “Information Wants to Be Free,” Meredith Farkas, Head of Instructional Initiatives at Norwich University in Vermont, writes about how “Twitter has changed so much in significance and utility” since its inception. Her post goes on to discuss how “Twitter (and FriendFeed, and other microblogging and lifestreaming apps) has been an amazing boon […]

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Software “apps” for libraries

The iLibrarian blog has posted the first two parts of a three-part series on iPhone software applications (“apps”). The first installment “features libraries that have created iPhone apps for their patrons.” The second posting features library vendor and database applications. The third installment is set to “feature book-related apps.” This author will be exploring these […]

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Big vendor restricts access

In the ongoing tug-o-war between open access and vendor-provided access, here is one of our leading librarians describing her struggles with one vendors successful attempt to limit access to an important resource: “Has EBSCO become the new evil empire?” The author, Meredith Farkas, is not just some librarian with a blog and a grudge. She […]

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