Medical caregivers amidst religious diversity

Todd Vandenbark

From May 2008 through December 2009 Creighton University Health Sciences Library in Omaha, NE partnered with Project Interfaith and the Respite Resource Center to provide medical caregivers training that promoted awareness of religious diversity and its effects on healthcare. During two days of seminars and workshops participants were encouraged to reflect on their own religious views those of others in their community. Topics also included accommodating the beliefs of others under the law, communicating in a sensitive manner, and how to access reliable health information.

Authors of the final report noted that “92% of participants felt their expectations of greater knowledge of religious diversity, and how to incorporate this knowledge into their workplace experiences were met or exceeded.” A Google search using the title “Crossing the Religious Divide: training caregivers in religious diversity” was the only way this author was able to find the report, but it can be read in Google Docs.

This project took place in the Omaha, NE area. How would a similar project in the Salt Lake City area do? Tell us!