Web 2.0: Make a note of it with Evernote

Todd Vandenbark

Prior to a visit to your physician (primary care doctor, dentist, or a specialist), have you seen, read or heard a medical claim that you wanted to ask about? Or have you experienced symptoms that you are unsure may or may not be related to the reason for the visit? What about prescription medications or herbal supplements you are taking? Trying to track any or all of these kinds of items in a single place can be a challenge, and if you are like many of us, the needed note is nowhere to be found the day of the appointment.

If you own a camera-equipped smartphone or similar device — iPod Touch, iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, Windows Mobile or Blackberry — add Evernote to it and you can have that information at hand whenever you need it.

As described in a detailed eSynapse article last year,

Evernote is a free software application that helps you capture information anywhere, any time and in any form using your preferred electronic device, making that information instantly searchable and accessible.

Evernote groups everything based on tags that you add to each item allowing for easy search and retrieval. You can even group sets of items into notebooks and share them with others online. Each published notebook is given its own unique URL and is available to be indexed by search engines.

You can use Evernote on almost any mobile device, or access it from the web.

Here is a short video describing the uses of this tool.