Mobile app for parents: KidsDoc

Todd Vandenbark

As recently reviewed on the iMedicalApps blog, the American Academy of Pediatrics has released KidsDoc for the iPhone, a medical advice resource based on the clinical protocols used for the last 16 years by pediatricians and nurses. It features a simple, 3-step navigation system, and includes an alphabetical index, a body area index, and a keyword search. Extras for this $1.99 iTunes store app include pediatric dosages of common over-the-counter medications, lots of visual images to help in symptom identification, and first aid directions.

The app includes a disclaimer reminding users that it is not a substitute for professional medical advice. It functions more like the first aid handbooks previous generations of parents kept at home for urgent care or other unexpected medical situations. And no application, no matter how well written or by whom, can substitute for the knowledge and assurance that comes from taking a first aid class from quality organizations such as the American Red Cross.

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