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Mobile medical translation tool

Today the iMedicalApps blog reviewed MediBabble Translator, “a free, professional-grade medical translation tool” by NiteFloat, Inc. Obtaining an accurate medical history and examination of non-English speaking patients can be expensive when utilizing translation services, and can significantly lengthen the time of the appointment. Until the universal translator conceived of in the Star Trek television series becomes a reality, an app “with thousands of pre-translated questions and instructions all playable as high-quality audio recordings” (from the website) may be the handiest and most cost-effective next-best-thing. Version 1.1.0 is available with five languages: Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Russian and Haitian Creole. Best of all, it’s free. As the NiteFloat, Inc. website notes:

We believe that a portable, widely available, real-time communication solution — like MediBabble — has the potential for profound impact and is too important to sell. Which is why we’re giving it away.

I invite readers and subscribers to this blog to download and test this app, then add your comments to this post telling us how well this works for you!