Concert and congestion

Todd Vandenbark

Next Tuesday, 5/24/11, the University of Utah will host a 7:00 p.m. concert by the group U2 at Rice-Eccles Stadium. Commuter Services recently sent out an email notifying University affiliates (employees, students, etc.) of this event because they “anticipate this will have a significant impact on parking and traffic during the whole day — even though the concert begins at 7:00 p.m.” They have made a parking map for the event available on their website for those driving to the concert.

The University has a number of transit alternatives that allows visitors and affiliates to leave their cars at home, thus reducing congestion and air pollution:

  • UTA and U: public transportation services the campus with numerous bus routes and the University TRAX line. Use UTA‘s Trip Planner to plan your route.
  • Shuttles: Commuter Services runs a number of free shuttle routes that allow anyone on campus to traverse our large campus quickly. Signs posted at shuttle stops include instructions on how to send a text that will reply with the next time the shuttle you want will arrive. You can even view a live map that tracks the path of each bus on any and all routes!
  • Bicycles: bicycling “is convenient, healthy, and a green alternative to driving to campus. It’s virtually cost-free and allows much closer access to your destination than the parking lots” (from Commuter Services site). And UTA’s TRAX trains allow cyclists to put their bikes on trains to and from the U. Buses have bike racks mounted on their front bumpers that can carry two bikes at a time. You can bring your bike to campus on UTA, and on your return ride past all the automotive congestion!

Eccles Library will be open regular hours that day. Parking at the library is limited; more information is available on our FAQ page.