Dosecast: mobile app for tracking medications

Todd Vandenbark

dose cast app logoAs noted in the iMedicalApps blog, healthcare costs continue to increase, and one contributing factor is pharmaceutical noncompliance — patients not taking their medications as prescribed. For example, patients with chronic medical conditions may not take medications as regularly as they should. This may result in an extra trip to the doctor or emergency room, thus costing the system more. One mobile app, Dosecast, may help patients track their medications more effectively, saving dollars for our healthcare system.

To use Dosecast, “simply enter basic information about each drug you take, such as the name, dosage, and how and when you take each drug. You can setup reminders on a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule – or, unlike other apps, for a pre-set number of hours or days after the last dose. Dosecast adjusts to your changing day, enabling you to take a dose early or postpone it as long as you need” (from the website).

This app is free, and features flexible scheduling, reliable push-notifications, postponeable reminders, customizable dose amounts and instructions, smart silencing, and privacy and security. For an additional $3.99 in-application purchase you can quantity tracking with alerts, local notifications, and emailing.

Do you or someone you know use this or another medication reminder app? If so, how helpful or unhelpful is it for you? Tell us!