For parents: there’s an app for that!

Todd Vandenbark

As a librarian and an advocate for freely available and widely disseminated information, I find it preferable to note or promote free mobile apps over those that cost. But sometimes an inexpensive app can be worth the purchase price.

Kid Normal References ($2.99) is a pediatric app that covers developmental milestones, dental development, normal heart rates and sleep patterns, and more. While designed for pediatricians and other medical professionals, it can also answer the question that all parents and grandparents ask: “Is my child or grandchild developing normally?”

This application also includes all CDC vaccination schedules (such as pediatric ages and catch-up schedules) in a variety of formats.

While it is only available for the iPhone and iPod touch, it will probably run on the iPad at iPhone resolution.

Have you used this or a similar app to obtain information about your child, grandchild, or pediatric patient? Tell us about it — pros, cons, etc!