Hospital IT headache: doctors using iPads?

Todd Vandenbark

iPad and notebookIn a recent post, the Krafty Librarian blog thoughtfully delves into the control issues faced by hospital IT departments when doctors make their rounds with iPads or other tablets, iPhones or other smartphones, etc. It has forced a paradigm shift for these departments: previously, security was focused on department or institution-owned equipment. They must now “relinquish managing the endpoint,” much like libraries did “as online databases and ebooks and ejournals become more accessible to people.” The blog ends by pointing out:

The horse is out of the barn folks, now let’s see which hospital IT departments evolve and which ones don’t. Technology has forced many professions to evolve, including the ones born of technology.

Have you used mobile technology in a medical setting? What device(s) do you use? What challenges have you faced in terms of security concerns by your institution’s IT department? Tell us about it!