Mobile apps for detecting and managing cancer

Todd Vandenbark

medical app reviewsThe iMedicalApps blog has two great posts on medical apps for the detection and management of cancer.


At Michigan State University, civil engineering professor Syed Hashsham is developing a device that performs genetic analysis on microRNAs and various other genetic markers, and can be operated by an iPod touch or Android-based tablet. Professor Hashsham received a grant from the Michigan Economic Development Cooperation to develop the “Gene-Z” along with Jim Tiedje from MSU and Erdogan Gulari from the University of Michigan. This device, if successfully developed, could provide a low-cost technology for early detection of cancer, which is sorely needed in less-affluent countries. (Thanks iMedicalApps!)


The cancer information site has a free iPhone and iPad app for cancer patients and their families:

The free app allows cancer patients and their family members to look up pertinent information based on cancer type and download a wealth of oncology related information in the form of videos, podcasts, and up to date articles.

Where the app truly shines is in there key features: Ability to store questions, medications and symptoms. The way this app implements these key features is absolutely stunning, and makes the application a must have for cancer patients and their family members. (From the iMedicalApps blog.)

A full review of the app is available at the iMedicalApps blog.