Eye Exams with an iPhone

Todd Vandenbark

logo for the I Examiner mobile medical toolAs noted in iMedicalApps and MedGadget blogs, iExaminer is a new hardware and medical apps solution turns the iPhone into an ophthalmoscope. It has a walkthrough guide with tutorials at every step, and, as iMedicalApps points out, can be useful in two particular settings:

  1. Teaching: For medical schools that are teaching eye examinations — instead of having to look at static pictures of eye anatomy, this “live view” could be an optimal and innovative way to teach. This could also be a great way for an ophthalmology attendings to save key eye pathology that they visualize in the mobile setting for teaching purposes.
  2. Use in mobile clinics: This could be a good screening tool for various eye pathology — and not necessitate the need for an ophthalmologists or physician to be on site. A physician could view the saved images at a later time and determine correct interventions. (From iMedicalApps blog)

This last idea could be very handy in a disaster area, or in rural areas in poorer countries where no little or no medical services exist.

Below is a video demonstration of how this technology works, including taking fundus photography.

One drawback of this system is that it only works with the iPhone 4, not the iPad or iPod touch.