Privacy and the Power of Social Media

Todd Vandenbark

Eye looking through magnifying glassAccording to the blog Lifehacker, “Facebook is tracking your every move on the Web; here’s how to stop it.” Some of Facebook’s “social web apps all send information to Facebook and can post to your profile or share with your friends whether you want them to or not.” And logging out is not enough to stop it, because “it doesn’t stop Facebook’s cookies from sending information to Facebook about where you are and what you’re doing there.” The blog post goes on to list three “browser extensions to block Facebook services on third-party sites.”

At the end of this article, an update was added noting that after discussions with Facebook engineers, the engineers “agreed to make changes to the way their cookies are stored and handled so your account information is not present when you log out of Facebook.” But the cookies still remain on your computer after logging-out, so the author recommends using one or more of 3 browser extensions (mentioned above) to clear your cookies after each time online:

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