New Study Spaces at Eccles Library

Todd Vandenbark

When you enter the library, if you look to the back of the main floor, off to the right you will see some new furniture. Thanks to the diligent efforts of Jean Shipman, our Director, and others, we now have four modern study pods for use by students and other patrons.

Each pod has four sides, with two designed to seat one person, and the others designed for two or more people to work side-by-side. In addition, we have purchased rolling divider walls that can be expanded to enclose one side of a pod, giving the feel of a study or conference room. The walls have built-in whiteboards and markers for patron use. And once the pods are hooked up to the electrical system, patrons will be able to plug in their laptops and other devices.

Visit the library, have a look at our new study pods, then come back here and tell us what you think!