Pharmacology Flash-Card App

Todd Vandenbark

logo for Siegler Drug Cards appSigler Drug Cards, by JD Sigler Publishing, has been a favorite of healthcare students for over two decades. Now it is available as an app for the iPhone and iPod touch. These “study guide” cards cover the top 300 most frequently prescribed drugs, according to SFI research, and include FDA Dosages and Indications, Pharmacology, Drug Interactions, Contraindications and Precautions, Adverse Affects, Patient Consultation Tips and more. It has bookmarking capabilities, full-color pictures of the pills themselves, and a strong search feature. Users can browse medications organized into classes, and create customizable lists for study. The price is $29.99, and there is a free “lite” version with the top 10 prescription drugs for you to test-drive before you buy.

The iMedicalApps blog summarizes the strengths of this application:

  • If you’re looking for a portable way to study the top 300 most frequently prescribed drugs and are the type of person who is more likely to have a smart phone with you than a pile of flash cards, the Sigler’s app may be for you.
  • The informational depth is adequate enough for utilization as a quick reference in the professional setting and could be a valuable tool for students and clinicians alike.
  • It’s an expensive download ($29.99), but is priced within range of other traditional pharmacology flash cards, i.e. this list of popular drug cards found on Brenners Flash Cards($29.99), Lange Flash Cards ($30.23), Range & Dales Flash Cards ($37.00), Pharm Phlash!: Pharmacology Flash Cards ($21.56).

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