Mobile app for gross anatomy: Muscle System Pro II

Todd Vandenbark

logo for Muscle System 2 Pro mobile applicationAs reviewed in iMedicalApps, Muscle System Pro II “is one of the best apps for gross anatomy related to muscular system.” It makes good use of basic features of the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch such as tap-to-zoom, pinch and zoom, and swipe gestures. “Users can rotate, cut, zoom, and view animations of the body gaining an understanding of the complex anatomy associated with the musculoskeletal system.” The app opens by presenting users with a 3-D model of the human body.

With the app’s tools, users can:

  • Add or remove up to 10 layers of muscles with the Scalpel
  • Rotate muscles vertically and horizontally
  • Move laterally between muscle groups
  • Turn on standard pin-style labels which illustrate major musculoskeletal points in each view
  • Test themselves using the Quiz function.

This app is currently prices at $19.99. As of this writing, the page in the iTunes store for this app indicates that the developer,, has “agreed to extend the price reduction for this app for another few weeks.”


  • High-quality 3-D muscle images that can be easily manipulated.
  • Quiz function
  • Detailed information about muscle groups via pin labels

Cons: it lacks some information regarding skeletal components of the systems.

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