Great Apps for Librarians

Todd Vandenbark

e-readers in higher ed logoToday the iLibrarian blog recommended 20 iPad apps for librarians who recently purchased an iPad, all but three of which are free. The list includes tools for browsing social media (Flipboard), newspapers (NY Times, USA Today), public radio and educational/informative videos, as well as reference tools (EasyBib, Wolfram Alpha, and Wikipedia) and entertainment (IMDb). This post is labeled “part 1”, and I will be watching to see what they recommend in upcoming posts.

Eccles Library has purchased three iPads, along with the Motorola Xoom (3), Amazon’s Kindle (6) and the Nook (6) from Barnes and Noble for students and faculty to check out and learn about (see previous post). Included on the iPad are the following applications:

  • Kindle
  • iBooks
  • Nook
  • Google Books
  • Inkling
  • Modality Body

along with the standard software that comes with the device.

Do you have an iPad, Xoom or other tablet computer? What medical or other software do you use on it? Tell us about it!