Medication safety during pregnancy: InfantRisk Center app

Todd Vandenbark

Infant Risk Center app for iPhoneIn July, the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center released InfantRisk Center, a mobile app designed to provide “fast, convenient access to up-to-date and evidence-based information about prescription and non-prescription medications and their safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding” (from app description in iTunes App Store). The content of this app is drawn from Medication and Mothers’ Milk by Thomas W. Hale, R.Ph., Ph.D., a well-respected leading expert in human lactation pharmacology.

As noted in a review by iMedicalApps, InfantRisk Center has a user-friendly layout and design, along with a well-organized database of quality information. Medications are rated on a scale from “Safest” to “Hazardous,” with icons to help users visually differentiate between ratings. It also includes “quick access to the InfantRisk Center’s hotline for questions, a “Hot Topics” section, a personalized search function, as well as the ability to bookmark frequently used drugs and information for easy-access in the future” (from iMedicalApps review).

While the medication information base is broad, it is not comprehensive, and less-commonly-used drugs may not show up in a search. The alphabetical listing of drugs also lacks the helpful right-side A-Z listing to make switching between letters easier. While the $29.99 price may seem high for those used to purchasing apps for a few dollars, the potential time savings from this reference tool is worth serious consideration.

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