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Zygote Body: new online tool for learning

screen capture of Zygote Body online anatomy toolOriginally the Google Body Browser, Zygote Body is a 3-D model of the human body that users can browse, peel back “layers” of organs, and even search using a simple search box. Click on a part of the body and a label appears, with the capability of “pinning” it in place. Rolling your mouse wheel lets you zoom in quickly, and a quick click-and-drag turns the body 360-degrees.

And while it does not require any special plugins (Flash, Java, etc.) to run, it does require that users have a WebGL-enabled browser, which the Safari web browser on the iPad 2 currently does not. As a free website for elementary and secondary education, it is a great resource. If you need a 3-D human anatomy app for your iPad, the iMedicalApps blog recently posted about the “Top 4 iPad anatomy medical apps,” which are:

Do you use a 3-D anatomy app  or website? What do you like or dislike about it? Tell us!