Free app for tracking blood glucose levels: MyTelcare Diabetes Pal

Todd Vandenbark

Telcare's mobile app for tracking blood glucose levelsAs noted on iMedicalApps, MyTelcare Diabetes Pal is a free app designed to help people with diabetes and their caregivers track, analyze and share blood glucose (BG), medication and food data both manually and automatically. Your data can be viewed in charts & graphs, and the app also offers a “Forum” feature, offering what appears to be a ready-made community of support. And you can give read-only access to your data to family and friends so they can support you in your efforts to keep healthy and in-balance. If you purchase their cellular-enabled Glucometer ($99.95 -$149.95), it will automatically sync the results of BG tests with MyTelcare Diabetes Pal.

Use a Personal Health Record (PHR) system? You can “send your data to an authorized Third Party such as Microsoft HealthVault” (from the website). And Telcare claims they do not share or sell your personal data to marketers or advertisers, encouraging one to review their Privacy Policy. Unfortunately, at least on the FAQ page where they claim this, there is no link to that policy. It seems that a potential customer has to at least start the sign-up process before they can read the privacy policy, which makes for a rather ironic contradiction.

This mobile app is currently available for the iPhone/iPod touch.

Do you or anyone you know currently use this or a similar device? Or, if you are a person with diabetes, would you consider purchasing such a device? Tell us about it!