Using Twitter beyond Twitter: embeddable tweets

Todd Vandenbark

logo for TwitterAs noted in the Social Media Examiner blog, you can embed conversations from Twitter into blog posts. Unfortunately, the Twitter interface has changed slightly, so when you hover over the tweet you want to embed, the link now says “Open” instead of “Expand,” and it is located at the far right instead of next to the logo. In addition, our library uses WordPress MU, which strips out the script tag that makes the conversation appear properly if you save it more than once. So the embed has to be saved into the blog last.

The post goes on to offer “8 creative ways to use embeddable tweets.” Here are the first four:

  1. Add customer comments and testimonials
  2. Share event invitations
  3. Add opinions and ideas from others to your blog posts.
  4. Continue a Twitter conversation in a blog post.

Here is an example of #1: